Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Platform Called?


How do I post my property listings on Aceintelng?

Click on Add Listing, Choose property the property category,  Choose  add the property details, & Submit. The property is listed live!


What are the Subscription Packages on Aceintelng?

1. Premium Promoted

2. Starter

3. Advanced

4. Premium

 Click on “Add Listing” to choose any one of interest.


How do I make payment for subscriptions on Aceintelng?

Click on Add Listing, Choose the property category, Choose the Subscription package you want to be on, follow the payment prompts, add the property details, then Submit. The property is listed!


Do I need an account to post properties on Aceintelng?

Yes you need to have an active account to post properties on Aceintelng. To create an account, Click on Create an Account, add all the requested details and submit for activation.

How do I Activate a Subscription on Aceintelng?

To Activate a Subscription, you either choose a Package while posting a property OR for Expired Listing:

Log in > click “My Listing” > Click “Switch Plan” or “Relist” (for expired listings)

How do I increase my property posting limit?

Choose from the subscription packages available after the Free Package i.e (Starter, Advanced or Premium Packages) when you are about to post beyond your current limit, then the posting limit is increased,

Can I post Videos on Aceintelng?

Yes you can post property videos directly on the platform or using Youtube. For video posted directly on the platform it must be named, not more than 40MB & have to be in 16:9 format for optimum results.

Why is my Video not playing?

Some browsers do not allow videos except uploaded via Youtube link. You can also check your internet connection or browser settings.