FAQs 2017-02-21T13:52:12+00:00

1.    Que: How do I purchase a product?

Ans: View the product, click the Request icon on each product page, fill details & click the Send icon, you will be contacted. Or you can call us.

2.   Que: Are your furniture’s imported?

Ans: No they are manufactured locally.

3.   Que: How long does it take to deliver a product?

Ans: 2days or 21days depending on product availability and the product you purchase. Delivery is at an additional charge.

4.   Que: How do I view the properties on your site?

Ans: Contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for you.

5.   Que: Are the products on your website real?

Ans: Yes they are 100% real manufactured products, with the pictures taken for marketing purposes.